30 Oct 2016

Come for the K-pop and stay for the kimchi at South Korea’s popular Hallyu Dream Festival - where star sightings and cultural wonders abound. — South Korea

21 Dec 2016

Winter starts off with a bang at China’s Dong Zhi Winter Solstice Festival. This family and food-centric ritual celebration is a great time to see the country’s history and culture in action. — Various countries

27 Dec 2016

India’s Sunburn Music Festival is the perfect excuse to trade snow and ice for hot temperatures and even hotter tunes. This stellar electronic dance music festival showcases the world’s top DJ talent in a city so beautiful it might be hard to leave. — India

28 Jan 2017
28 Jan 2017

Bust out some red duds, grab a lantern and toast the Chinese New Year in style. — Various countries

28 Jan 2017

Fancy clothes, mountains of food, gifts galore and three straight days of relaxing with the family: Koreans know how to do the New Year right! Check out the annual Seollal celebration and see for yourself. — South Korea

10 Feb 2017

There are many colourful Hindu festivals in the calendar celebrated globally but none as quite as vivid and in many ways, as excruciating to watch as Thaipusam. — Various countries

11 Feb 2017

On the last day of Chinese New Year, the entire country lights up for the famed Lantern Festival. Learn all about this this luminous celebration. — Various countries

14 Feb 2017

Valentine's Day has spread across the globe and has found a happy home in Asia. Learn how Valentines Day is celebrated in this part of the world. — Various countries

14 Mar 2017

Though Valentine’s Day is easily the most popular love-related holiday around the world. Wonderful White Day is a strong contender for the second slot. — Various countries

19 Mar 2017

Bali Spirit Festival has rapidly become Southeast Asia’s premier celebration of yoga. And more. — Indonesia

28 Mar 2017

If you happen to be in Bali in March, you are in for a real treat. This is the island’s most auspicious date of the year featuring spectacularly chaotic ritual followed by an equally dramatic anti-climax. — Indonesia

09 Apr 2017

The Chinese Grand Prix is held annually on the Shanghai International Circuit. — China

20 Apr 2017

Boracay Island Paddlers Association, in collaboration with the Philippine Dragon Boat Federation, introduced the festival in 2007 and held every year since then, during the peak of summer. — Philippines

28 Apr 2017

For three glorious days in May, when the Buddha turns a year older, Korea pulls out all the stops and throws the best birthday party ever.   — South Korea

01 Jun 2017

If you’re looking for time-honored traditions and a real experience of Korean culture set in a beautiful seaside location, Danoje is your festival. — South Korea

26 Jun 2017

Idul Fitri, Hari Raya Puasa, Eid, Lebaran. A multitude of names but the premise is same - the irresistible urge to mark the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. — Various countries

01 Jul 2017

When the wind blows, size really does matter in Bali. The Balinese are crazy about kites and in the “Island of the Gods” the bigger the better is the accepted mantra. — Indonesia

15 Jul 2017

South Korea’s famous Boryeong Mud Festival is the perfect excuse to go wild. — South Korea

21 Jul 2017

The Jalan Jaksa Festival brings out the best (and sometimes worst) of local “Betawi” food, dance, art and a little good old fashioned carousing into the night. — Indonesia

22 Jul 2017

With an eclectic mix of indie and major label acts, Jisan is well on its way to becoming one of Asia´s most popular music festivals. — South Korea

29 Jul 2017

Pohang, a modest industrial town on South Korea’s eastern coast, is famous for amazing New Year’s Day sunrises and one explosive fireworks festival — South Korea

15 Aug 2017

Held on the third week of August every year, the Kadayawan Festival coincides with the harvest season of local produce and the blooming of many of the region’s exotic flowers. — Philippines

17 Aug 2017

Each year, on August 17th, the whole nation comes together in a riot of red and white for Independence Day. — Indonesia

27 Aug 2017

Fireflies are the main attraction at South Korea’s annual Muju Firefly Festival. However, Muju’s beautiful mountains and pristine valleys give the glowing insects some stiff competition.  — South Korea

01 Sep 2017

Once a year, from every corner of the globe, a mass exodus occurs. Muslims of every color, ethnic group, rich or poor, travel to Mecca. — Various countries

17 Sep 2017

With its extreme weather conditions and high temperatures, exciting and trilling races are guaranteed during the Malaysian Grand Prix. — Malaysia

01 Oct 2017

For ten glorious days, writers and word lovers from across the globe gather at the Singapore Writers Festival to celebrate all things literature. — Singapore

01 Oct 2017

By day Singapore is buzzing with life and soul, but when the F1 circus arrives it’s the night that really heats up. The Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix is one of the most challenging on the calendar and is a vibrant and unique event to attend. — Singapore

01 Oct 2017

Held in both May and October when the city is at its loveliest, Hi Seoul is a fantastic global art experience, and a great to opportunity to enjoy all this thriving metropolis has to offer. — South Korea

04 Oct 2017

In Vietnam the Mid-Autumn Festival, known as Tet Trung Thu in Vietnamese, is the country’s second most important holiday, after Tet, the Vietnamese New Year. — Vietnam

04 Oct 2017

Better known by its more imaginative moniker of the Mooncake Festival for millions of Chinese across Asia the Mid-Autumn Festival is a big deal, second only to Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations. — Various countries

04 Oct 2017

South Korea’s Chuseok harvest festival is a fantastic time to experience the country’s Confucian traditions - and get in on some great cultural freebies. — South Korea

05 Oct 2017

Busan’s lovely Haeundae Beach isn’t exactly an October destination - unless you’re bound for the Busan International Film Festival.  — South Korea

08 Oct 2017

Despite the departure of Honda in 2008 and Toyota in 2009, the passion and enthusiasm lives on during the Japanese Grand Prix. — Japan

08 Oct 2017

The Asia Song Festival brings the region’s top pop acts to South Korea for one amazing night of music. — South Korea

19 Oct 2017

October signals an important month for Bacolod City in Negros Occidental, Philippines, because it is marks the beginning of the highly anticipated MassKara Festival season. — Philippines

19 Oct 2017

From oil lamps to fireworks to brilliant neon, the Diwali Festival is one big, loud, beautiful celebration of light. — Various countries